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At The Helping House, we envision a future where every child, regardless of their diagnosis or developmental challenges, has the opportunity to thrive and reach their full potential.

The Helping House is unique in that we:

⭐️ ARE PERSONAL to each student and family and situation.

⭐️ ARE EMPOWERED to make a difference in creative ways.

⭐️ ARE ACCOUNTABLE to our students, families, board members, and our supportive community for doing our best job every day.

⭐️ HELP FIRST - when things are tough, we are here to help find a way. We don't mind rolling up our sleeves and entering the trenches alongside parents and professionals to find solutions.



Independent work skills

Tolerance of peers

Our four main focus areas that make up every child's plan of service

Get to Know Us

We're more than just a school or resource center; we're part of a community dedicated to nurturing growth, fostering connections, and celebrating progress. Whether you're seeking expert guidance, specialized services, or simply a listening ear, we're here to lend our support every step of the way.

Message from
our Founder

Amanda Johnson

Welcome to The Helping House! We are busy here. It can be a little loud. We play a lot, talk a lot, push ourselves a lot, lean on one another, and strive to make progress every day. The privilege of this role is not lost on me, and every day I am grateful to be part of something so valuable.


I’m so glad you stopped by!

Current Events

Commercial Bank of Texas Fundraiser


Our CBTx Patty Melt fundraiser on May 10th was a HUGE success! Over $5,000 was raised for help with our Summer Clinic! 

A huge thanks to the team at CBTx! Thank you for being true friends of The Helping House! 

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