Our Programs

Private School

Our students attend a full-day program that is structured and tailored exactly to their areas of need. These students are between the ages of 18 month and 6 years old. 

We target early intervention skills such as toileting and communication, as well as behavior and academics.

Resource Center

Parents, teachers, caseworkers and other professionals are encouraged to reach out for information on special needs resources in East Texas. We can provide resources for dental and doctor visits, haircuts, sensory-friendly community activities, and therapy services in our area. 


Children or adults who need support or one-on-one training are scheduled for weekly monthly, or as-needed sessions to address areas of concern. These areas may include social skills or behavioral concerns. 

Public school consulting is also available for teacher training or classroom organization.

Summer Clinic

Most kids don't need 10 to 12 weeks off of school, and we have the remedy! Summer Clinic is a fun, social setting for students to work on skills they have mastered as well as introducing new skills and keeping them in a routine. Summer Clinic is 40 days of learning and fun. Won't you join us? This program is for children between the ages of 3 and 10. 

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